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These delicious Pupcakes for your dog can be given as a special treat or for a birthday celebration. However your dog will love them so much they may turn into a much more frequent treat!

These Pupcakes will be frosted with some of the following natural options

Icing (Dog Friendly) Peanut butter, Chocolate (Carob), Bannana, Potatoe

If you have a favourite design that you would like or decoration that you would like on the Pup cake then we are happy to help. Please choose the "4 Pupcakes - Customised Decoration Pack" option and list out the required designs in the text box



Wholewheat Flour (23%), Carrots (20%), Honey (11%), Eggs (10%), Peanut butter, smooth (10%), Oil (10%), Oats (4%), Baking powder (1%) 


✘ No artificial sugars, flavours or preservatives


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