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Rice Peanut Butter Bones

Rice Peanut Butter Bones


These Peanut Butter Bones have proven to be the most favoured treat out of the Premium Canine kitchen. Both Charlie and Bruce adore them probably due to the large amount of Peanut Butter in the recipe! This variant has RICE FLOUR instead of Wholewheat flour for those dogs who prefer non wheat treats

Packaged in units of 4 x 4 inch Bone Biscuits. Option to have decorated 


Flour (42%), Boiled water (27%), Peanut butter (17%), Baking powder (1%), Cinnamon, ground (1%)

Decoration: Icing (dog) Peanut butter, Chocolate (Carob)

✘ No gluten or wheat
✘ No artificial sugars, flavours or preservatives

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